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Municipal Events

There are no events to show. Contact the Municipal Office for more information.

Events included here are Municipal Events, Community Events, Library Events, Museum Events, and the Recreation Schedule. You can filter the events shown using the drop-down arrow in the top right of the calendar.

To submit your event, please email with the relevant event information.

Guidelines for Community Event Postings:

  1. Public events: all events must be open to the public. Invitation/member-only events will not be accepted.
  2. Location: events must take place within the Municipality of Callander. Events taking place outside the boundaries of the Municipality may be posted to the events calendar provided that the focus of the event listing is on a Municipality of Callander initiative, or Municipally supported.
  3. Submission criteria: events should be open to the general public and generally fall under the following categories: recreation, fairs and festivals, community events (movie nights, musical performances, theatre), free events, farmers markets, history and heritage, kids and family, museums, culture, science and nature, and visual arts.
  4. Submission process: all events will be reviewed, and if accepted, posted within 2-5 business days. The Municipality of Callander reserves the right to accept, revise, reject, or cancel, in whole or in part, any event posting at its discretion.


The Municipality will not post events that are:

  1. Commercial in nature, and in the Municipality’s sole opinion, are attempting to advertise, promote or sell products or services of an individual or individual business unless a Municipality sponsored or sanctioned event.
  2. Discriminatory to any individual or group.
  3. Promote, exhibit, illustrate or manifest hate or obscene/pornographic/sexual content of any kind.
  4. Promote an individual religion or religious service.
  5. Fundraising events unless they are for registered charities or non-profit organizations.
  6. Events political in nature (with the exception of notices for Council meetings, voting locations, and similar general election information).
  7. Events that are in conflict with any applicable laws, By-laws, or policies.



The Municipality of Callander Event Calendar is provided as a community service to Callander residents and community organizations. Though the calendar is moderated for posting acceptable events, the Municipality of Callander does not endorse nor verify the information included. The Municipality reserves the right to post, refuse to post, or remove any event from its website calendar at any time, without notice.

The Municipality of Callander is not responsible for the accuracy of event postings, and it is the responsibility of the organizer to inform the Municipality of Callander of changes to the information submitted.


The required event permits and facility rentals are not associated with the posting of an event to the calendar. Please contact to inquire about necessary permits and rentals.


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