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Callander is located along Highway 11, in close proximity to Highway 17, air, bus and rail transit. This strategic location makes the community well-connected and easily accessible. Driving to downtown North Bay takes less than 20 minutes. Toronto and Ottawa are within a four-hour drive.

Nearby Jack Garland Airport in North Bay provides domestic and international air travel and freight, while Ontario Northland offers motor coach transportation. Destinations include cities throughout Canada and the United States, accessible via Toronto, Ottawa and Sudbury.

The Municipality is part of Trans Canada Trail, the longest recreational trail in the world. Visitors and residents enjoy boundless offerings of opportunities for exploration and active living, including by bike, foot, snowmobile and ATV. In the summer, Callander’s location on Lake Nipissing and free day-time mooring at the municipal dock, are just some of the reasons that make the community a popular destination by boat.

Here is an inventory of available transportation options prepared by the East Parry Sound Community Support Services.

Callander Taxi

Phone: 705-752-1271

Check out this resource, The Complete Canadian Internet Guide, to learn more about some of the options available to you.

High-Speed Internet

The Municipality of Callander recognizes the importance of long-term solutions that ensure reliable and cost-effective connectivity. The community is currently serviced by various Internet suppliers, including Xplornet, Bell and Netspectrum.


To learn more about increasing Broadband connections in Ontario, including an updated Ontario Internet Access Map, please visit Connected North.

Two Callander schools serve children from Junior Kindergarten to grade 8:

  • M.T. Davidson Public School is part of the Near North District School Board and has about 90 students.
  • St. Theresa Catholic Elementary School is part of Nipissing-Parry Sound Catholic District School Board and has around 345 students.


M.T. Davidson Public School
249 Lansdowne Street East

Callander, ON, P0H 1H0
Principal: Amy Wood
Phone: (705) 472-5970


St. Theresa Catholic Elementary School
1475 Main Street North

P.O. Box 398
Callander, ON P0H 1H0
Principal: Micheline Lamarche
Phone: (705) 752-4407


Other School Boards in the area include French Public School Board and the French Catholic School Board

Callander Food Bank
78 Lansdowne Street

P.O. Box 795
Callander, ON, P0H 1H0
Tel: (705) 752-0777

Contact: Rosemary Dupuis

Hours of operation: Tuesdays 9 am to 12 pm


Callander Frozen Meal Service
Soup, main course, dessert: $6.00

Contact: Heather Busch
Phone: (705) 752-1295
Cell: (705) 499-7958

Or call Shelly, Linda, or Leslie at The East Parry Sound Community Support Services Program at (705) 724-6028.


Callander Girls’ Softball Association
Contact: Robert Long

Phone: (705) 752-2253



Callander Horticultural Society
P.O. Box 243

Callander, ON, P0H 1H0
Phone: (705) 476-3365
Contact: Christine Ford


Callander Legion, see Royal Canadian Legion, Branch 445


Callander Legion Pipe Band see Royal Canadian Legion, Branch 445


Callander Legion Ladies Auxiliary see Royal Canadian Legion, Branch 445
President: Denise Robertson


Callander Lion’s Club
P.O. Box 58

Callander, ON, P0H 1H0
Phone: (705) 724-5852
Contact: Don Kitchen


Callander Public Library
30 Catherine Street, W

Callander, ON P0H 1H0
Phone: Tel: 705-752-2544

Callander Sparks, Brownies, Guides and Pathfinders
Callander, ON

Phone: 705-752-5920
Contact: Amanda Seguin


Callander Volunteer Firefighters
c/o Hoyt D. Wice Fire Station

250 Main Street North
P.O. Box 100
Callander, ON P0H 1H0
Phone: 705-752-1410, ext. 225
Contact: Chief Todd Daley


Canada Post
200 Main Street North

Callander, ON, P0H 1H0
Phone: (705) 752-1380


Callander Christmas Cheer
President: Mary Lawrence

Mission: To provide boxes of supplemental gifts to children and food to families and individuals in reduced circumstances within the Municipality of Callander and to give them the opportunity to experience the true spirit of giving at Christmas.

Applications may be picked up at the Municipal office in November.

For further information you may call (705) 752-1295.


First Callander Scouts
(705) 752-2340

Contact: Kevin Hebert


Nipissing Miniature Aircraft Club (NIPMAC)
Cranberry Road

Callander, ON, P0H 1H0
Phone: (705) 845-1931
Contact: Cameron Sanders


North Bay Yacht Club
283 Greenwood Road

Callander, ON, P0H 1H0
Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 1171
North Bay, ON P1B 8K4
Phone: (705) 707-1050


Over 50 Club
President: Larry Coulson

c/o Royal Canadian Legion, Branch 445
345 Lansdowne Street East
P.O. Box 312
Callander, ON, P0H 1H0


Royal Canadian Legion, Branch 445
345 Lansdowne Street East

P.O. Box 312
Callander, ON, P0H 1H0
Phone: 705-752-3773
Fax: (705) 752-2614

Callander Bay Evangelical Missionary Church (Est. 2001)
888 Callander Bay Drive

Callander, ON P0H 1H0
Pastor: John Inthof
Phone: (705) 752-1649

Sunday Service at 10:30 a.m. with coffee to follow.


South Shore Evangelical Missionary Church (Est. 1964)
1892 Hwy 654 West

R.R. #1
Callander, ON P0H 1H0
Pastor: Simon Beadle
Phone: (705) 752-5971

Sunday Service at 11:00 a.m.


St. Alphonsus Liguori Catholic Church (Est. 1893)
163 High Street North

Callander, ON P0H 1H0
Father: Daniele Muscolino
Phone: 705-752-3958

Wednesday Service at 9:00 a.m.
Sunday Service at 9:00 a.m.


St. Peter’s Anglican Church (Est. 1890)
110 High Street North

P.O. Box 856
Callander, ON P0H 1H0
Father: Rev. Joan Locke
Phone: (705) 724-2097

Holy Eucharist and Sunday School at 9:10 a.m. Coffee and Fellowship to follow.

There are a number of invasive species that could be found in our area. Currently, there is a concern about Phragmites.

Phragmites are considered to be a threat to many wetlands including Lake Bernard (in nearby Sundridge) for many reasons 

  • Decreased plant biodiversity

  • Poor habitats and food supplies for wildlife including species at risk

  • Lowered water levels resulting in the drying of wetlands 

  • Loss of hydrological functions such as water retention and filtering

  • A high proportion of dead stems that slows the release of nutrients back into the ecosystem

  • Negative affects agriculture, lower property values, and impacts recreational activities such as swimming and boating

For more information about Phragmites and what you can do to help, visit the Near North Enviro-Education Centre's website.

Service Ontario Office 713
Driver & Vehicle License & Health Card Issuing Office
520B Main Street
Powassan, ON
P0H 1Z0
Phone: (705) 724-2665
Fax: (705) 724-2664