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Tax Bill Information

The municipal taxes are billed in two separate billings throughout the year. Each bill is divided into two installments:

Interim Tax Bill – Mailed in January
Installment 1: Due by the end of February
Installment 2: Due by the end of March

Final Tax Bill – Mailed in May
Installment 1: Due by the end of June

Installment 2: Due by the end of July

A pre-authorized payment plan (PAP) is recommended. This plan offers two options for payment. The first option is monthly plan where the amount is withdrawn automatically on the 5th of each month (12 months). The second option is an installment plan, where the amount is withdrawn automatically, following the due dates listed in the blue box. PAP forms can be obtained at the Main Office. Once completed, please return the form via email ( or fax (705-752-3116). A void cheque or direct withdrawal bank form is required for account verification purposes. Please ensure any overdue balances are paid prior to application for the pre-authorized payment plan.

Payments for property taxes, water and sewer can be made:  in person at the Municipal Office between 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. via cash, cheque or debit; by online* or telephone banking; by mail to PO Box 100, Callander, ON P0H 1H0; by cheque deposited in the drop box located outside the main office at 280 Main. St. N.; by automatic debit from your bank account on due dates.  If you would like to set up direct deposit, set-up other payment arrangements, or have concerns, please email or call the office at 705-752-1410.


For all other payment types, please note that you can drop off a cheque, bank draft or money orders in our silver drop box located at the Main office.

On-line banking payments through your Financial Institution can be made by searching for "Callander" on their Payee listing (sometimes appears as "Municipality of...." or "Corporation of...."), then choose "Taxes".  When inputting your tax account number (4966....), include all 19 digits without spaces or the decimal point.   

The Municipality of Callander’s combined municipal tax rate for 2023 is 0.01295031 applied to the phased-in property assessment. The assessment is determined by MPAC. Apply rate to assessed value for amount. See By-law 2023-1814 regarding taxation rates.

Please contact Finance at 705-752-1410 Ext. 226 for additional information on property taxes.


Attachments and Forms


Frequently Asked Questions about the 2023 Budget

How are taxes calculated?

How will the taxation increase affect me personally?

What are the contributing factors that resulted in a taxation increase?

How do we compare to our neighbouring municipalities?

What am I getting for the added tax dollars?

Why aren't you pulling more money out of reserves?

Will taxation increase similarly in the future?


How are taxes calculated?

There are two components to calculating municipal taxes:

  1. The Overall Assessment Value
    1. Municipal Property Assessment Corporation (MPAC) assesses values of properties typically every four years. The assessed value is phased-in over a 4-year timeframe.
    2. MPAC did not conduct the 2020 assessment, due to the COVID-19 Pandemic. Properties throughout Ontario remain at their 2016 assessed value.
    3. A Municipality’s overall assessment can also be captured by new builds, additions to homes or construction of accessory structures.
  2. Municipal Tax Rate
    1. The tax rate fluctuates based on what Council decides it needs to collect in order to provide the expected level of service, and any other objectives they may have for that given year.


If the assessed value goes up, there is less impact on the tax rate. If the assessed value goes down, or remains the same, there may be a need for the tax rate to increase in order to provide the expected level of service.

How will the taxation increase affect me personally?

MPAC Assessed Value

Annual Amount Increase

Monthly Cost Increase
































What are the contributing factors that resulted in a taxation increase?

No assessment increases from MPAC

Cost of Living

Strategic Objectives

Capital Asset Management Plan


How do we compare to our neighbouring municipalities?

What am I getting for the Added Tax Dollars?

Birchgrove Resurfacing

Byers Road Culvert Replacement

Fairway Drive

Osprey Crescent

Truck #4

Hart Road Resurfacing

McDonald Road Resurfacing

Enhancing of Breakwall at Pier

Cemetery Columbarium

Hydraulic RAM

Ninovan Road Resurfacing

Pallet Forks

Waltonian Culverts Replacement

Accessibility Ramp for Main Buidling

Generator for Main Building

Pavillion Furniture & Remainder of Waterfront Project


2022 Carry Over

Accessibility Entrance (Library)

Main Street Engineering

Crosswalk Signage at Schools

Bill Barber Rink Upgrades

There is also:


Why aren’t you pulling more money out of reserves?

Council is pulling out nearly 1.2 million from reserves to assist with capital projects this year, and to reduce the burden on taxpayers. Although nearly $8 million exists in reserves, all of the funds are attributed to various initiatives. There is $1,200,000 that could have been attributed to reducing the tax rate, however with the potential for OPP costs to escalate heavily (by nearly $1.1 million) in 2024, Council is concerned that this would have a significant impact on the residents at that time. Keeping these funds to assist in reducing the tax burden in 2024 or 2025 is essential.

The attributed funds in each reserve and reserve fund after budget approval, along with their description is listed below:

Reserve Fund

Balance at end of 2023

Equipment & Fleet Operations Reserve (Operations)


Equipment & Fleet Operations Reserves (Fire)


Information Technology


Infrastructure Reserve


Infrastructure Reserve (Water/Wastewater)


Facility Maintenance Reserve


Facility Maintenance Reserve (Water/Wastewater)


General Parks Reserve


Working Funds Reserve (General)


Water & Wastewater General Reserve


Downtown and Waterfront Community Development Reserve


Medical Centre Reserve


Elections Reserve Fund


New Building Reserve Fund


Library Building Reserve Fund


Parkland Dedication Reserve Fund


Development Charges Reserve Fund


Community Building Reserve Fund (Gas Tax)


Museum Reserve Fund


Building Department Operating Reserve Fund


Cemetery Care and Maintenance Fund



Will taxation increase similarly in the future?

Future increases in taxation are unknown at this time, however Council is doing what it can to ensure the rate remains fair and reasonable for its taxpayers. Of major concern is the OPP transition to contracted service in 2024. This is currently an unknown but, if it does occur, it would result in a $1.1 million impact on the budget in one year.

If MPAC does not reassess, and new homes are not being constructed in Callander, there continues to be a push for more tax increases, to compensate for the loss of typical revenue received on an annual basis, especially in a climate where the cost of living continues to increase.


MPAC Information

The Municipal Property Assessment Corporation (MPAC) is Ontario's property expert. They create and maintain a comprehensive database of information for each of the more than five million properties in Ontario. They are responsible for delivering property values, insights and services to taxpayers, municipalities, governments and businesses.

Property Assessment Information

Your property assessment and the property taxes you pay are not the same thing. Here's how it works:

  1. Property Assessments are determined by MPAC.
  2. Assessments are then shared with Municipalities.
  3. Municipalities then determine investments required to build thriving communities, which contributes to determining the tax rate they apply.

To learn more about your property assessment, how it has been calculated, and what it means, visit MPAC's Property Assessment and Property Taxes page.

Making Changes to your Property Assessment

When you receive your Property Assessment Notice or any other notices from MPAC, you may wish to make changes or updates to the information on file.

You can:

  1. Request a copy of your notice
  2. Disagree with your assessment
  3. Submit an assessment information request
  4. Change your mailing address
  5. Change your school support
  6. Authorize a representative
  7. Find out if your property is eligible for any exemptions

More information about making these changes is available on the MPAC website.

MPAC Video - "How to read your Property Assessment Notice" from MPAC (click to view the MPAC video link)

Change your School Support

MPAC has a new online School Support Portal available here. This portal allows property owners to add or update their school support designation information through AboutMyProperty. A guide is posted with the portal which provides step by step instructions on how to change or update your school support designation (available in both French and English).

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