Local Government

Committees & Community Groups

The Municipality of Callander welcomes individuals who are interested in serving their community as members of Municipal Committees and Volunteer Community Groups. 

Municipal Committees that members of the public may serve on include those formed under the Planning Act:

and those formed under the Building Code Act:

The ongoing Municipal Volunteer Community Groups that have been established are:

If you are interested in serving as a volunteer on any of the above, please see the information below and then follow the link to the appropriate application form.


Planning Act Committees

  1. Planning Advisory Committee
    The purpose of the Planning Advisory Committee is to provide advice and recommendations to Council with respect to certain types of applications under the Planning Act – for example: re-zoning, Official Plan amendments, and plans of subdivision.  Other duties include participating in the review of the Official Plan when needed (not more than once in five years) and review of Zoning By-laws to ensure currency.

  2. Committee of Adjustment
    The Committee of Adjustment is a quasi-judicial body, appointed by Council to make decisions on applications for lot creation by severance of lands under the Consent Policy as stated in the Official Plan. In addition, the Committee will consider applications for the creation and establishment of rights of way, the creation of easements over properties, the alteration of lot boundaries, and changes to Zoning By-Laws by means of a “minor variance” under the Planning Act.

Term of Appointment

The term of appointment for Planning Act Committees shall be no longer than the Term of Council appointing the members.  This current Council Term expires November 15, 2020; however, members may be re-appointed by the new Council for the following term. 



There are no vacancies on the Planning Act Committees at this time, so the Municipality is not currently accepting applications for Planning Act Committees.


Building Code Act Committee

Property Standards Committee

The purpose of the Property Standards Committee is to hear and make decisions with respect to an appeal of an Order to Comply issued under the Municipality’s Property Standards By-law. The committee does not have monthly meeting, but is only convened as required.

FOR MORE DETAILS about Planning and Building Code Act Committees, please see the applicable section of the Terms of Reference.


To apply to be on this committee, please complete and submit the Application Form.


Municipal Volunteer Community Groups

Volunteer Community Group Objectives:

Sports, Recreation, Festivals and Events Group

Culture and Heritage Group

Community Beautification Group

General Information about Community Groups

As soon as is practical upon taking office, or as otherwise required during the Term of Council, Council shall appoint members to Volunteer Community Groups in order to provide advisory and staffing support to Responsible Staff. These Community Groups shall report to Responsible Staff and shall be composed of individuals who shall provide advice and expertise within specific jurisdictions, and on particular issues, as defined within their respective Council-approved Objectives.  Council may appoint Council members to each of the Community Groups; however, these Council members shall be non-voting.  All Community Groups shall be subject to the Terms of Reference

Community Groups discuss ideas and recommendations with Responsible Staff. As appropriate, the Responsible Staff will forward recommendations from Community Groups by means of a Report to Council, through the Committee of the Whole.  Council will give direction regarding the implementation of the recommendations, by way of Council Resolution. No actions may be taken by a Community Group member on behalf of the Municipality, nor shall any member of the Community Group hold himself or herself out as representing the Municipality, unless specifically authorized by Council Resolution, or under the direction and authority of Responsible Staff.

Term of Appointment

The Term of any Community Group shall be no longer than the Term of Council appointing the members.  This means for ongoing Community Groups that the term of the members expires with the end of the Council Term (currently November 15, 2020); however, members may be re-appointed by the new Council for the following term.  For Community Groups that are formed for a specific project or purpose for a limited time, the term of such as Community Group shall be as determined at the time the Community Group is created and the members shall be appointed for that specific term, which may not exceed Council term.


Unless otherwise specified, members are volunteers without compensation.

FOR MORE DETAILS, please see the applicable section of the Terms of Reference.


To apply to be on any of the Volunteer Community Groups, please complete and submit the application form.