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Love Callander? Want to volunteer in your community? There are several ways to get involved:

Committees of Council

Occasional Volunteering

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The Municipality of Callander welcomes individuals who are interested in serving their community as members of Municipal Committees.

Accessibility Committee

Purpose of this committee:

  • The Committee shall provide advice to Council about the requirements and implementation of accessibility standards and the preparation of accessibility reports and such other matters for which the Council may seek its advice.
  • Consult with Council on updates to the Municipality of Callander’s Accessibility Plan.

For more information on the Accessibility Committee, see the Terms of Reference.

Committee of Adjustment

Purpose of this Committee:

The Committee of Adjustment is a statutory tribunal with authority delegated to it by the Council of the Municipality of Callander under the provisions of the Ontario Planning Act to hold public hearings to make decisions on applications submitted to the Municipality. The purpose of this Committee is to make decisions with respect to applications for:

  • Minor Variances
  • Legal Non-Conforming Uses (extension/enlargement/similar use)
  • Consents
  • Easements

The Committee operates independently from Council and its decisions may be appealed to the Ontario Land Tribunal (OLT).

For more information on the Committee of Adjustment, see the Terms of Reference.

Property Standards Committee

Purpose of this Committee:

To hear appeals submitted by owners or occupants served with property standards orders under the Municipality’s Property Standards By-law

For more information on the Property Standards Committee, see the Terms of Reference.

Events Committee

Purpose of this Committee:

  • To schedule and execute family-friendly events in the community to promote gathering and connection, as defined in “Schedule A”.
  • To foster and recommend event opportunities to enhance individual wellbeing, community wellbeing, for consideration by Council during annual budget deliberations.
  • To foster high levels of communication between Staff, the Community Groups, and the community partners, the local businesses, vendors, and volunteers regarding community events.

For more information on the Events Committee, see the Terms of Reference.

Culture, Heritage and Tourism Committee

Purpose of this Committee:

  • To promote, and to educate citizens and visitors with respect to Callander and the surrounding areas’ rich and cultural heritage.
  • To assist in developing and promoting cultural activities, facilities, and resources, within the budget and work plans approved by Council.
  • To work with Council to develop as a tourist destination in the north through identified strategic priorities.
  • To assist the Museum Curator in securing partnership funding and ensuring alignment between tourism-related objectives and community objectives, as outlined in Municipal Plans, and as approved by Council.
  • To promote, and to educate citizens and visitors, with respect to The Callander Bay Heritage Museum and to assist the Museum Curator in preserving historical artifacts in accordance with legislation.
  • To promote, and to educate citizens and visitors, with respect to The Alex Dufresne Art Gallery, and to assist the Museum Curator in supporting local artists by providing avenues to showcase their art.
  • To advise and make recommendations to Museum Curator / Art Director regarding the implementation of plans to highlight culture and heritage in Callander.
  • Review and recommend to Council the policies and procedures to collect, preserve, interpret, and promote the cultural and historical significance of the Dafoe House.
  • Initiate and recommend approval to Council a Museum Strategic Plan that is consistent with the Plans and Strategies that have already been implemented by Council.
  • To assist at events and museum showings, if needed.

For more information on the Culture, Heritage and Tourism Committee, see the Terms of Reference.

Implementation and Beautification Advisory Committee

Purpose of this Committee:

  • To serve as an advisory committee to Council on the implementation process of the Municipality of Callander Official Plan, Strategic Plan, Parks and Recreation Master Plan, and other long-term plans, as necessary.
  • Monitor the progress in achieving the strategic directions and annual objectives of the Plans.
  • To assist in beautifying the Municipality of Callander for its residents by providing input on plants, planters, park and municipal infrastructure, and any other initiative that is approved by Council.
  • To recommend to, and support, Responsible Staff in implementing tasks related to beautification and enhancement of aesthetics within the community in alliance with the Plans and Strategies, such as the Official Plan, Strategic Plan, Downtown and Waterfront Revitalization Plan, and Parks and Recreation Master Plan.
  • To encourage the beautification of Callander and promote citizen pride in our community by collaborating with the Manager of Operations and Parks and Facilities Supervisor, along with other municipal staff, as necessary, to plan for the yearly budget allocated to beautification.

For more information on the Implementation and Beautification Advisory Committee, see the Terms of Reference.

Callander Public Library Board

What Does The Library Board Do?

The library board is legally responsible for policy and governance of the library. The library board makes informed decisions that focus on matters of governance, this includes:

  • library strategy and oversight
  • CEO support and oversight
  • financial stewardship and accountability
  • policy framework
  • advocacy
  • legislative obligations


Board and Committee terms run the same duration as terms of Council. If vacancies occur within committees, notice will be posted here and on our social media.


Police Services Board

Police services boards oversee how policing is provided in their local community. They contribute to their community’s safety and well-being by working with local citizens and organizations to make sure their community receives the appropriate policing it needs.

A municipality’s policing is overseen by a board where the community chooses to either:

  • establish a municipal police force
  • establish a joint police force with other municipalities
  • contract with the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) to receive policing services

Police services boards consist of:

  • an equal number of members appointed from both the regional or municipal council and the province
  • one community member is chosen by the council

If you are interested in volunteering in the community on an occasional basis, please complete and submit the Volunteer Application Form.