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"Doing Our Own Thing" - Cloverbrae Open Studio Group

The Cloverbrae Open Studio Art Group comprises a diverse community of artists who come together to create and inspire. Through collaboration and shared learning, the group has produced a collection of artworks that celebrate the power of working together and the joy of lifelong learning. “Doing Our Thing” is the result of this.
For the last three years the group has been meeting regularly to share ideas, seek aid and support from each other and share a lot of laughs as they create their own unique styles. When Covid hit it limited the ability to work in groups and hence limit the ability to share ideas with others. When the restrictions lessened, we started our own little group and been learning and growing with experience.
"Doing Our Own Thing" showcases the talent and creativity of these members, highlighting the collaborative projects and individual works that have emerged from studio sessions. The variety of paintings offers a vibrant and eclectic display of artistic expression. “We relish the opportunity to share our work with the public through our ‘Doing Our Own Thing’ show at the Alex Dufresne Gallery in Callander” states the group.
The opening reception on June 15th will begin at 2pm, welcoming art enthusiasts, supporters, and the local community to experience the exhibition firsthand. Attendees will have the opportunity to meet the artists, learn about their creative process, and enjoy light refreshments in a welcoming and inclusive atmosphere. Participating artists include Arlie Hoffman, Particia Kirton-Bailey, Sue Fitzer, Glenda Mikawa, and Carolyn Cole.

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