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"In the Spirit of Play" - Multiple Artists

Fourteen artists have come together around the theme of play for a group exhibition. Join us on Saturday March 2nd as we celebrate the opening of "In the Spirit of Play", a group art exhibition. The reception will run from 2:00 - 4:00pm and there will be light refreshments, free museum admission, and artists on site.
Curator, Sarah Carlin-Ball, writes, “Since the pandemic, connection, sharing space, and creativity have been thrown into relief as something we humans absolutely need. The spirit of play has a different meaning for each artist here, but this project highlights the warmth of connection, the joy of exploration, and welcoming the unexpected. The theme is intended to inspire us to touch the mystery of life — which generally happens when we are curious, surprised, and awestruck — presenting, in the end, a show that will hopefully effect the same for the viewers.”
Expect to be reminded of how in childhood we were always drawn to play, how that created friendships and joyful freedom. Witness skill and talent in the service of joyful possibility, pleasant surprises, fun and excitement. The freedom of imagination that comes from keeping a positive child-like vision and sense of play has resulted in a collection of unique works. The pieces created for this exhibition are all about play — thinking outside the usual approaches, allowing for the unexpected to occur, and expressing joy.
Play isn’t just for children or artists; it’s an essential aspect of learning, community-building, and creative discovery. Come out to see the show! Guaranteed inspiration awaits.
Participating artists include: Janet Bourgeau, Sarah Carlin-Ball, Christine Charette, Claire Domitric, Monique Godon, Gillian Hebert, Tiina Kirik, Kim Kitchen, Rebecca McGinley, Ingrid Rudnik O'Gorman, Linda Millar, Edna Scott, Pat Stamp, Vanessa Tignanelli, and Brent Trach.
The show will run from March 2nd - 30th, 2024. The gallery will be open Tuesday to Saturday from 10:00 - 5:00pm

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