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Protect Your Pet's Paws - June 3, 2021

Protect Your Pet's Paws - June 3, 2021

Protect Your Pet’s Paws

Attention pet owners!  Please be conscious of the asphalt or sidewalk temperature when you are walking your pets.  Asphalt, especially on a sunny day, can get very hot and burn, as pictured below.   We are happy to see people walking their pets in town, through all four seasons of the reasons to be residing in, or visiting our beautiful downtown core, and we encourage everyone to do so with their pet’s comfort and safety in mind.  

Before you reach for the leash consider these simple tips:

  • Check the pavement before your walk. Place your hand or bare foot on the pavement for five seconds. If it’s too hot for your skin, then it’s most likely too hot for your pet.
  • Walk duringcooler times of the day. Avoid taking walks during the hottest time of the day. Instead, opt for walks in the early morning and late evening when the pavement is cooler.
  • Keep midday walks short and shady. If you’re taking your pet out during the day, be sure to keep walks short. Choose a route with lots of shade and grass patches.
  • Skip the asphalt entirelyand choose to walk your dog strictly on grass or hiking trails.
  • Consider outfitting your dog’s paws with bootiesto help keep the heat from burning their tootsies.
  • If you have a longer adventure planned, be sure to bring water and take frequent breaks.

June 3, 2021