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Open-Air Burning Permit Application Form

2020 Open-Air Burning Permit Application Form

INSTRUCTIONS FOR PURCHASING A FIRE PERMIT  (please allow one full business day for processing)

(1)       Download the fire permit form from the following link:


(2)     The registered property owner must complete the form (you can type in the required fields electronically), sign and print.

(3)     Place the completed fire permit form along with a cheque in the exterior drop box located outside the main doors of the Municipal Office (280 Main Street North).

          If you do not have cheques, please call 705-752-1410, Ext. 221 or e-mail to make arrangements during business hours (8:30am – 4:30pm).

(4)     Upon receipt of fire permit forms and payment, our staff will sign the permit and number it to validate.  This will be sent to you via e-mail to the address provided, together with a receipt. 

(5)     Once you receive the e-mail back from the Municipality, please ensure you print and keep this valid copy on site where you are burning.