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Media Release - 2021 General Ratepayers Budget

Media Release - 2021 General Ratepayers Budget



For Immediate Release


RE:  2021 General Ratepayers Budget    (click to view PDF version) 

At a meeting on March 16, 2021, Council for the Municipality of Callander adopted its 2021 General Ratepayers’ Budget. Prior to adoption, Council considered budget submissions at the December 8th, 2020 Committee of the Whole meeting and Special Meetings on February 25th and March 9th, 2021.

Council has passed the budget, which recommended an increase of 1.74% in the tax rate. The key factors impacting this budget include:

  • Payments to Agencies, Boards and Commissions had a net increase of $50,119,
  • COVID-19 funding received by the Provincial Government,
  • Decrease in interest income due to the reduction in interest rates.

Key components of the budget include:

  • $1,233,462 into reserves for future asset replacement for facilities and infrastructure,
  • Utilizing COVID-19 funding to fund upgrades to Council Chambers and to the Council meeting “digital platform” to enhance public’s viewing capabilities,
  • Finalizing the core infrastructure component of the Capital Asset Management Plan,
  • Road resurfacing at Waltonian, Birchgrove, Pinecreek Rd N, Pinecreek Crescent, View, Keeling Drive, and municipal portion of Rousseau,
  • Replacement of Centennial Park playground equipment (contingent upon funding),
  • Purchase of a new loader and utility vehicle.

Based on the average residential household, there is an increase of $46.00 for 2021 ($3.83 per month).

This year, Council anticipates adopting an Implementation Plan that considered the numerous studies and strategies that have been completed over the last twenty years. Over the next nine months, staff will compile this information for Council to prioritize and endorse this Plan to position the Municipality to move forward in the best interest of its citizens. There will be opportunities for public engagement throughout this process.

Council has also directed staff to develop a new Budget Policy, to streamline the budget process to have it passed by no later than December of the year prior. Staff will include recommendations to Council on how to enhance community engagement throughout the budget process.

We thank those that have provided comments into the budget process this past year and look forward to more engagement in the future.